Block by block we're REVolutionizing Rideshare

REV is the next generation of rideshare, powered by the blockchain to offer the First Fair Ride! Drivers pay 0% commission, earning more money while Passengers pay less, saving money for every ride!


Rev is an on-demand ride tokenization platform

that improves the rideshare user experience, lowers cost per ride, and increases fare earnings for drivers. Built on a blockchain, the REV platform provides transparency by connecting drivers and passengers directly, as well as a frictionless in-app settlement layer between fiat and REV Coins for easy transactions and minimum fees.


Current on-demand transportation platforms charge high commission rates for drivers, which translate into high costs for passengers. Token-based solutions require complicated wallets and exchanges to participate, creating barriers for universal adoption. The market has reached maturity for basic services provided by competitors in centralized platforms—and it’s ripe for disruption.


Our blockchain and the REV Coin will provide a seamless settlement layer between the passenger and driver. Our innovative and intuitive REV app technology makes the use of digital currency as easy to use as clicking a few buttons. By eliminating intermediary costs and commissions, we provide the lowest cost per ride for passengers and the highest margin for drivers. Meeting these demands are key to REV’s mission.

Fair Pay ProcessFair Pay Process


Passenger registers and adds credit card in the REV App


When ride is complete, REV Coins are automatically transferred to the driver’s REV wallet (100% of the fare goes to the driver)



REV cashier automatically converts ride cost to REV Coins to be stored in passenger REV wallets for duration of ride


The driver can choose to cash out REV coins back to fiat currency by just clicking one button, or keep their REV coins in their REV wallet or transfer them onto any external REV coin compatible wallet/exchange

Why Blockchain for REV

Adds value to our reduced cost model with incorporating decentralized servers through blockchain into the REV platform

Using a cryptocurrency allows the REV transaction fee (approximately $0.20 USD) to be earned from multiple places (Rev app, external trading exchanges, marketplace etc.)

Autonomous connection between passengers and drivers with the lowest cost for passengers and zero commission for drivers

Trustless system without interference by intermediaries or third party

REV AdvantageREV Advantage

Zero commission for all REV drivers globally

Lowest cost for passengers

Innovative model with multiple revenue streams which solves the many rideshare problems

Amazing new passenger-centric ride options



Driver and passenger global market research

2017 2018


Ridesharing functionalities built in REV app (without the payment process)


Blockchain development, REV wallet and Rev coin development



Development of REV cashier


Beta launch of the REV app


REV Leadership

Priya Roberts

CEO & Co-Founder

An engineer by trade, Priya is a true Leader with 12+ years experience in corporate strategy, brand management, innovation and marketing in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, healthcare, oil and gas. Priya holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and Management Sciences from University of Waterloo.

Eric-Charles Kocevar

CTO & Co-Founder

Eric-Charles is a Full stack Developer (Solidity, C/C++, Java, PHP) with extensive experience in blockchain technology & software development. Eric-Charles has a unique talent and proven ability to analize and build a technical strategy for new innovation.

Yoshito Okubo

Director of Operations

Yoshito was a key member of a leading rideshare platform, responsible for scaling operations and business development. Yoshito has a proven success with end to end business operations, building driver communities, data analysis, product localization, risk management, user support as well as strategic partnerships.

Gurinder Bhangoo

Director of Blockchain Development

Gurinder has been involved with blockchain & cryptocurrencies since 2013. In addition to nearly 20 years of coding and software development experience, Gurinder possesses creativity and expertise in blockchain integration with mobile apps.

Advisors & Partners

Amir Farhand

CEO & Co-Founder

Amir has almost 20 years experience in geospatial technologies and entrepreneurialism. Takor Group combines IT in source coding, application design, system management and in-stream business operations to commercialize high profile mapping systems. Amir brings expertise in better enabling our technology suite and identifying additional commercialization opportunities.

Jeroen Kulderij

Strategic Alliance Business Developer

Jeroen brings more than a decade of experience in working at several industry leading IT companies. Among these are Cisco, EMC and currently at Netapp where he leads the strategic alliance between Cisco & Netapp for the EMEA region. Jeroen joins us as a REV advisor on business development.

Sen Chandaka

Virtual Systems Engineer Manager

Sen has been working in various roles at Cisco for over 11 years. Sen has extensive previous experience at mobile service providers and has a background in Engineering. Sen joins REV as an advisor adding expertise in cyber securities.

Kaiser Wahab

Riveles Wahab LLP Attorney

Kaiser represents a full range of corporate entities with venture capital, contract, and IP issues. Kaiser counsels his clients on corporate structuring and securities law, including venture and investor agreements and equity incentive plans.

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