Intelligent social
marketing secured
by blockchain

Machine learning + social sharing + blockchain

Pinmo combines an intelligent marketing platform with motivated social sharing to drive higher, authentic engagement across multiple social media sites. The Best Part? It’s all validated by blockchain technology and IBM’s Watson.

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About Us

We’re taking the long view. We’re seeing the confluence of three essential elements in the world of digital marketing, and we’re taking the lead on how to manage them.

Ads that are powered by machine learning — so they’re intelligent — is a big step in the right direction. A social media ad platform that gives social sharers their due — another smart move. And we’re underpinning all of this with the validation of blockchain, addressing the security and privacy issues that can derail an otherwise brilliant report, ensuring social marketers a strong argument for increased budgets.

We’ve thought of everything, so advertisers don’t have to.

See how Pinmo solves problems for advertisers and the social sharers they depend on.


Advertisers large and small face the same challenges in today’s marketplace: How do we get deeper engagement that converts, and how to validate the authenticity of the engagement.

Social media ads generate higher engagement

How do we make our content irresistible to our social media fans all across the internet?

Social media platforms are fragmented

How can we make it easier for our content to be seen?

Bot-fueled sharing takes the headlines

How can we deliver metrics that are authentic beyond question?


Pinmo brings together intelligently optimized ads for social sharing, underpinned with the security and validation of blockchain technology.

What ads will drive deeper engagement?

How do we make our content irresistible to our social media fans all across the internet?

How do we make it easiest for the social sharer?

The Pinmo platform makes social sharing quick and easy, and pays the sharer for their effort.

How do we validate our metrics?

The security of blockchain means your metrics are genuine — and can be successfully used to substantiate an increase in budget.

How it Works

Pinmo is the digital marketing platform for advertisers who understand the value of validated social sharing, and for social sharers looking to make some money off their sincere efforts.

The Pinmo Team

With deep experience in automated digital solutions, social media marketing, and blockchain development, Pinmo stands on the leading edge of the new world of authenticated social marketing.

Scott Meng, CEO

Scott is an expert in automated digital solutions. He founded Evilnut Creative Technology, which quickly grew into a multi-million dollar corporation.

Hafeez Noorani, CMO

An expert in social media marketing, Hafeez brings more than 10 years of experience building strong strategies, growth, and engagement online.

Leon Zhu, CTO

One of the earliest Bitcoin miners, Leon is an experienced full-stack developer and systems architect. He began his career with the venerable Electronic Arts.